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Punch is an arts and pop culture magazine published on the First Friday of each month in Ellensburg, Washington. Current and past issues are available here for download in PDF format. Hard copies can be found at various venues around Ellensburg, including NW Media Group, Gallery One, Rodeo City Records and D&M Coffee.

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September 2004

High-resolution (2mb)
Low-resolution (337kb)

Back to School; Zombies at Home; Dear Crabby; Mad Chickens; 10 Dollars.
July 2004

High-resolution (1.77mb)
Low-resolution (529kb)

Liquored-Up Love with Virginia Tonic; Zebra Mussels and Barnacle Dogs; Tricky Rhymes; Smoking with Karl Righteous.
June 2004

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Low-resolution (339kb)

Poetry by Joanna Thomas; "The Angry Skeleton" by Delondra Johnson; "Wacky Time" by Chris Furniss; Rebus puzzles by Justin Gibbens.
May 2004

High-resolution (1.75mb)
Low-resolution (243kb)

Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Event; Reel Big Deal; Punch Drunk Love; Body Language; Africa photos by Jonathan Urlie.
April 2004

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Low-resolution (230kb)

Imaginings; Punch Bowl 2004; Interviews with Common Creature Catcher and Cha Cha Galore; Springtime Trends in The 'Burg.
March 2004

High-resolution (1.6mb)
Low-resolution (245kb)

"Girls Gone Wild" by Joanna Horowitz; Passing The Torch; Forty Ounces; What a Jewel!; "Bath Night" by Mary Frances.
February 2004

High-resolution (1.5mb)
Low-resolution (202kb)

Debbie Young and "Rock Paper Scissors"; Poetry by Lorri Bergquist; Romantic Tragedies; Allentown's Rodeo Queen.
January 2004

High-resolution (1.2mb)
Low-resolution (208kb)

Resolutions, "Scarf It Up" by Joanna Horowitz;"Advanced Yoga Postures" by Justin Gibbens; "America: Love or Hate" by JS Ruze.
December 2003

High-resolution (1.7mb)
Low-resolution (303kb)

X-mas Shopping with Savage Lucy; Drawing lessons with Justin Gibbens; Joel Brenden's "James"; Photographs by paW.
November 2003

High-resolution (1.18mb)
Low-resolution (444kb)

"Run Plant Fly" by Ellie Belew; "Sir Mix-A-Lot for Governor" by Jock Sultry; "Equivalents" by Joanna Thomas.

October 2003

High-resolution (1.3mb)
Low-resolution (215kb)

"Horse, Rope, Gun" by Joanna Thomas; Interview with Casey Wagner by Joanna Horowitz; Howard Barlow and "Catagenetic Cataclysm."



School's in Session!


Punch is on Summer Break until September.


Thanks! -
We had a great time at the Punch Bowl. A great big thank you goes out to everyone involved! The bands were great, and Jim Nylander did a great job helping out with the sound. Thanks to Kim Nowacki from the Yakima Herald for writing the terrific story about Punch –– it really makes all the hard work feel worthwhile.


Punch Bowl - On April 16, 2004, from 7pm-10pm, we will be presenting the Punch Bowl at 423 N. Main Street in Ellensburg, Washington.

The event will feature 5 bands...
• Dreks
• Cha Cha Galore
• Common Creature Catcher
The Jesus Chords
Log Hog

Click here for the flyer


Punch is self-funded and created by a volunteer staff. We are always looking for new contributors!

Justin Beckman

Joanna Horowitz


Howard Barlow
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Dan Handsome
Joshua Jessup
Delondra Johnson
Vic McNamara
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Casey Wagner

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